100x Single Sleeves Black, EUR 125,00
760x Single 7" Record Sleeves Kraftpack-Paper Brown

Item number: MS703

7" record sleeves
760 pieces
natron brown / dyed through
strong 120 g/m² Natron-Kraftpack paper
with centerholes

EUR 125,00 net
EUR 0,13 per 1 Piece

plus EUR 23,75 VAT.
EUR 148,75 gross
no shipping costs


These high quality brown Kraftpack 7" inner sleeves are absolutely beautiful and the ideal protection for your singles against dirt, dust and scratches. They are very robust and will delight your records as well as your hands. All sleeves are made of FSC certified paper exclusively in Germany.

Format: 7inch
Made in: Germany
Certification: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Product Category: Inner Sleeves
Package Type: Large Package
Material: Kraftpack-Paper (120g/m²)
Color: brown
Content: 760 pieces
Contents: 1,000.00 Piece