100x Single Sleeves Black, EUR 6,30
50x LP PE Protective Sleeves

Item number: MS1215

12" record sleeves
50 pieces

EUR 6,30 net
EUR 0,13 per 1 Piece

plus EUR 1,20 VAT.
EUR 7,50 gross
plus shipping

From Bag Price per unit
10 EUR 5,85 EUR 0,12 per pc.
400 EUR 5,12 EUR 0,10 per pc.


These high quality black 12" sleeves are top choice to protect covers and sleeves against wear marks, grease, dirt, dust, humidity and scratches. They are quite usefull to keep things together. Shops and vendors use them a lot to protect records in the diggings boxes. They last extremely long due to their resource saving 130 thinner but stronger LD-PE material. Made in Germany.

Package Type: Single Package
Made in: Germany
Format: 12inch
Material: Polyethylen
Product Category: Synthetic Protective Sleeves
Contents: 50.00 Piece